Drink tea, chat and play. Online.

“Man is only fully human where he plays.” (Schiller)

“Playing together creates closeness and trust, relaxation and joy.” (Science)

“Real cheerfulness comes from the heart. We are cheerful people and rejoice together.” (Loriot)

Is the tea ready? Is the zoom session running? Then let’s get started. What would you like?

  1. geoGuessr
  2. /
  3. among us (Steam | Epic | Android | Apple App Store)
  4. werewolf
  5. haxBall
  6. CounterStrike
  7. Rocket League
  8. photos / watching movies / WatchParty
  9. virtual museum tours
  10. google streetview / google earth
  12. Minecraft
  13. brawlhalla
  14. risk (Risk)
  16. wordle | |
  17. pub quiz
  18. online book club

The optimal setup consists of two monitors or devices: One runs the game, etc., and the other runs the Zoom session.

For watch-only parties, you can also connect an Amazon Fire TV Cube to the TV, and connect a webcam (e.g., the Logitech C922) to the Fire TV Cube via a micro-USB-to-USB adapter. Place the webcam on the TV, install the Zoom app on the Fire TV Cube – and you’re done!